If you own a business you know the most important thing is sales. Sales are the air that your business breathes. Without sales your business cannot grow or function. The only way to get sales is to get your business out there to be known. If you offer a unique service you have to let people know you exist in order to access and use your services.

You have to find creative ideas to be known and seen. Online marketing is still the most effective and cheapest way to reach your market. Creating a video with brand awareness and details about your business will make viewing more interesting and people talking about your product. One of the best avenues online to market your business is find the best site to buy Youtube views. According the Nielson Survey 2011, Americans stream an average of a whopping 15 billion videos from the YouTube website. That alone shows you that your business customers are a percentage of those watching videos.

You have the option of both uploading straight to their website and using their mobile app feature to your advantage by creating videos that are formatted to their app. Your business will now be out there for the millions to watch every day at any time of the day and most importantly at their own convenience. There are several benefits to using YouTube for business. Some of the benefits include:

·         Easy and convenient searches

YouTube grabs more than 4 billion views in a day! It is the second most used search engine. The first is Google. Every time someone wants to search for a service or a product review or company they go to YouTube first. It is convenient. It is easy to do.

·         Videos go viral

It has become very easy to share videos online from Youtube. You are not restricted to 15 second videos like Instagram or Vine. You can say everything you need to in a YouTube video for as long as you need. If someone likes your video they more than likely share the video with their peers and thus the chain reaction effect of viral videos. Videos are affected organically by social media, and this means once your video has left YouTube to another social media site, it will be doing the rounds in other sites. The best thing is that is free advertising and more people talking about your business.

·         Real time feedback

YouTube allows the consumer or viewer to comment or like a video that you have posted. You will be able to see and learn what consumers like and dislike about your service or product. This will allow you to improve your business on many levels, so that you can sell more and appeal to a wide range of people.

You have to remember that, when your business is out there someone will want it. You have to go to where people frequent and spend a lot of their time weekly and even daily. Online videos are easier and quantifiable.

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What is the best Twitter marketing strategy to gain attention?


Social marketing has been one of the largest businesses carried out across the globe through various social networking systems. Originally created to link a two or more person across different parts of the world, users have taken this platform to a whole new level as an effective tool of marketing. Today, almost 32 % of total social network users use these platforms to create awareness about their businesses and reach out to as many people as they can. With some twitter marketing strategy, you can also make a difference in your business and stay ahead in life.

Since the cost of advertising has increased in the past few years, it is getting hard for small business social media to grow and spread their roots among a greater fan base. Therefore, with twitter, one can not only reach out to different people, but also keep itself up to date with new trends, as well as buy twitter followers. Again, to gain social media exposure, smaller business social media are extensively following various strategies to build their reputation on a local and global platform. However, over promotions in twitter can also declare you as a scammer and therefore you are likely to be less followed by people.

Which strategies to follow?

What should you do to get attention on twitter? Is this what you are wondering? Well, there is no need to worry as this article speaks of some ways through which twitter marketing strategy could be done effectively. Once you have created a twitter account, which is free of any registration, you can then proceed to build your name among millions of people using the same social media platform. The ways discussed below would give you a clear idea of what should be done. The rest follows, based on Forbes:

Ø      '#Hashtags’:

Usage of Hastags can lead to something beautiful. These are simply phrases and contain a ‘#’ symbol infront of them. They have no spaces in between them and are generally used for micro blogging sites as like twitter. People using the same hashtag under the same platform can get connected among themselves and is used as a way to group messages. You can also refer this as a keyword that can be used by other users to target your post, which is really important for you.

Ø      Add value:

Adding value to your post and name is the next most important step that can lead you to marketing success. You should always remember that other users are interested in getting values and leads, and not buying products or services. Social networks are designed for people to chat and share. Therefore, try to make more friends and develop a relation that would provide with some external leads and provide you with values. Others offering services and products straight away are not doing a great job and thus they are less likely to be successful.

Ø      Research and share:

Research is a key to twitter marketing strategy success. Before going into network marketing over Twitter, you should get a good idea of what your offerings are valued in the local market. This would provide you an idea of what could be the value added to your offerings over social networks.

Sharing also helps grabbing some eyes over such platforms. Try to re-share posts and messages of those whom you consider being your favourites and you look up to.  Re-tweeting such contents and messages means that your profile gets tied to the message link, and when one clicks the message, he ends up in your account. Thus, as is evident, it would grab more attention of various users for your profile.

Ø      Innovation:

Being innovative can attract a lot of users. Don’t just post messages and pictures related to your business. To allow some refreshment, you should also post some funny pictures and other good contents and posts that would make your profile interesting to other users. Speaking of business and related contents will make your profile look monotonous and less people would be eager to check it out. Make it interesting!

Also don’t forget to start talking of your business little by little with the advent in time and converse with as many people as you can. A big business is made of small achievements. So, start small and gradually increase your strategies by providing enough time to plan out your strategies and executing them correctly. You will definitely have to be patient and calm.

Effective pointers:

Along with these initial steps and strategies, there are some other factors that could enhance the success of your social media strategy. They are as well important as the above mentioned strategies and could be considered to be effective ways to build deeper relations with other users and probable customers, in return of which, you could get more values and leads.

·  Customer tweets:

Customer tweets are really important as they convey how comfortable they are with your services and products. By doing so, you can build a deeper relation with satisfied customers and handle complaints of dissatisfied customers and build a positive relation with them.

·  Monitor Keywords:

Monitoring keywords are a great way to keep track on what’s cooking in among users. Doing so, you can locate targeted people that are interested in the services and products you offer. You can get ahead of business houses that could offer competition to your farm. However, you can also learn to attract more customers by doing the same.

·  Brand Mentions:

Another way to gain attention of a large number of customers and users is by monitoring mentions of your company’s brand. You can offer your products name or brand name for brand keywords that is availed by twitter.


So, as you see, just by following these simple ways, you can attract a huge fan and customer base for your organisation. Twitter marketing strategy is one the best network strategies as stated by many experts and users. It is time you decide your own strategies and get them executed fruitfully in social networking sites as twitter. 


Howdy there, folks!  I'm Rick Wood- New Englander, born-and-bred, and grew up an absolute fanatic of interior design. I now work for Furniture-R-Us as their social media manager, and let me just say, I love my job! 

Here I will be focusing mostly on various kinds of social media marketing strategies. As a bloke with many years in the business under my belt, as well as a growth hacking specialist, I am sure I can help you bring your business to the next level, no matter if it's a small business or a large American Midwest farmhouse! 





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